(Video) Euro 2016: Ireland fans winning at life as they sing lullaby to French baby

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There’s been a lot of bad press about supporters at Euro 2016 this summer, but the Republic of Ireland contingent are showing how it’s done in France.

Following their heroic effort last week when they serenaded a French woman with their own rendition of ‘I Love You Baby’, they’ve followed it up with an even better sing-song.

On a packed train in France, a group of supporters noticed a father holding his newborn baby. In an attempt to respect the locals and just generally be nice people, instead of scaring the nipper with any football favourites, they opted to sing a few lullabies to help him enjoy the journey.

The parents were obviously loving every minute of it, and the Irish fans have certainly proven once again that they are a credit to the sport and life in general. Superb.