How Brexit vote could add £20m to Paul Pogba’s Chelsea price tag & favour Real Madrid

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The Brexit vote could spell bad news for the English suitors of Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba.

Because, as well as the huge implications outside of football that the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union will have, it could drive up the already lofty prices of Premier League transfers.

As The Telegraph reports, the Brexit vote will likely cause the sterling (£) to be weaker due to panic and uncertainty about how the UK would negotiate trade deals in the future. There will also be less investment from overseas companies capitalising on the UK’s access to the EU’s free trade market.

And the consequences for the exchange rate might see Pogba’s skyrocket. This time last year the Euro-Pound exchange rate was 0.709, but could move to at least 0.900 after Brexit, according to

So any English club – understands Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City are all interested – who would have been willing to pay €100m [£70.9m] would then have to pay £90m.

Even if this did not completely detract his Premier League admirers, it would certainly tilt the balance in the Pogba race in favour of Real Madrid, who of course will not be impacted by the drop of the pound.

Any Chelsea fans who voted Brexit are now regretting their decision!

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