(Images) Top tweets and memes from England’s 2-1 loss to Iceland

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Twitter and social media in general were abuzz after England’s stunning 2-1 loss to Iceland knocked them out of Euro 2016.

Iceland, a nation with a population the size of (ironically enough) the city of Leicester, made their first appearance in the European championship, let alone the knockout round, and stunned the football world in the process.

Naturally, the disappointment from England’s football legends was in full throat and the memes chronicling the loss were pumped out quickly.

Here are some of the top tweets and memes from the loss:

The ‘Crying Jordan’ Twitter account, always a popular one, was used very frequently (and somewhat creatively)

Fans didn’t go easy on England at all, during or after the match:

Perhaps the only solace fans took away from the miserable ordeal was that at least one man has already taken full responsibility for the bitter loss that took place:

Gary Neville soon followed Roy Hodgson’s path out the door:

All in all, this was a loss that may stick with England fans for a very long time. But 2018 World Cup qualifiers are set to begin later this year – hopefully they’ll have recovered by then.

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