Twitter: Arsenal chief’s transfer strategy gains negative reaction from fans

Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis has held an in-depth discussion regarding the financial aspects of the Premier League and talked about the club’s plans this week.

With new television deals creating bigger pots of money across the board, the Gunners official believes that the gap is shortening between the ‘big clubs’ and the rest.

In turn, he has claimed that there is a greater importance on how clubs now identify talent, using Leicester City as a great example to follow.

While also noting that perhaps Arsenal haven’t done as good a job in picking out talented individuals in the lower leagues around Europe, it suggests that the Gunners may not be looking to splash out big money this summer.

Naturally, that wasn’t met with the greatest of reactions from supporters on Twitter, who are still waiting for further investment in the squad after the signing of Granit Xhaka last month.

“It’s how well you can identify talent,” he told ESPN. “It’s how well you can develop talent. It’s how strong your club philosophy is. It’s how together you are as a football club, what your support services are like in the medical field, fitness, analytics, psychology. All of these things become differentiators.

“Leicester identified players from the French second division, so maybe there’s talent that we’ve been overlooking. They did their talent identification [well], they had great unity within the group, as well as quality.

“It wasn’t built on money. It was built on the great fitness work they did. It was built on all of these other elements. I think that’s going to be a continuing trend within the Premier League.”

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