Gary Lineker underpants contreversy: Leicester legend shafts own son over Coral bet

True to his word (well, sort of) Gary Lineker presented the first part of Match of the Day in his underpants last night.

In all honesty, they were hardly underpants, more knee-length shorts, that Lineker used to honour a promise he made that he would host MOTD in his smalls if his beloved Leicester won the Premier League last season.

But it was the colour, not the size, of said pants that was of interest to the bookies in the build-up to Lineker flashing on BBC One.

Many bets were taken on what colour pants Gaz would use to cover his dangly bits.

Somewhat controversially, the 55-year-old Leicester legend’s son had £50 on blue.

George Lineker even said on Twitter that he had ‘inside info’, presumably suggesting that he had asked his dad what colour pants he’d be wearing.

Imagine asking your old man about what’s covering his old man!

Anyway, they were white, not blue, so it seems Gary shafted George and did him out of £50.

George Lineker betslip on Gary Lineker underpants

Serves him right for trying to cheat those jolly good people at Coral…

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