(Video) Steven Gerrard emulates hilarious Steve McClaren blunder as Liverpool legend badmouths Premier League kings

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Remember THAT Steve McClaren interview where he spoke broken English in a bid to communicate with a Dutch journalist?

If you don’t, please indulge yourself right now…

Steven Gerrard was perhaps inspired by his former international boss, because the LA Galaxy midfielder used a similar technique during a recent interview (of sorts) with an American kid.

It is often said in Britain that the Scouse accent is so strong that it is almost a different language.

Gerrard was seemingly concerned that his Liverpool dialect could cause problems, so he appeared to make a special effort to slow down and, well, basically do a McClaren!

Watch the two videos and tell me if I’m wrong. Gerrard certainly uses his ‘Brits abroad’ voice early in the vid, although he becomes more natural as it goes on.

In the clip below, Gerrard talks to the youngster about football.

Upon hearing that the wannabe player hopes to eventually sign for Leicester City, Gerrard responds with a big thumbs down and calls the Premier League champions “crap”.

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