Premier League stats show massive drop in viewing figures

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It’s something which is almost unimaginable for people who have watched the Premier League grow year after year since it began. But it appears that the English top flight may be reaching saturation point across the country.

The latest figures released by Sky show an incredible 19% drop in ratings for Premier League matches.

This could’t be further from expectations. After perhaps the most memorable Premier League every last term, this year has promised to be every inch as box office, with Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho setting shop up in Manchester. Meanwhile Tottenham are genuinely title challengers and teams like Everton are a threat to any side in the league.

Sky have claimed that to call it a drop is premature, as there are plenty of high profile games (like Monday night’s Liverpool v Manchester United clash) still to come to boost figures back up. Some people have also attributed the decline to greater numbers of people streaming games, which isn’t accounted for in the stats, and a hot summer, along with competition against the Olympics earlier in the summer.

While the figures are scary, we’re not writing off the Premier League just yet.