(Photo) Gary Neville mocks Liverpool fans over Jose Mourinho welcome

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Gary Neville seemingly had a pop at Liverpool supporters on Tuesday after sharing an image of several fans taking a photo of Jose Mourinho as he took his seat on the bench ahead of Manchester United’s 0-0 draw at Anfield on Monday night.

The game sadly didn’t live up to expectations as neither side could find a breakthrough in what was ultimately a disappointing encounter between the two bitter rivals.

However, something prior to kick-off caught Neville’s attention and he shared it on Twitter on Tuesday morning, as seen below, with four or so fans in the stand taking out their phones to take a photo of Mourinho as he walked past to take his seat in the dugout.

In fairness, Neville later responded to a fan who questioned whether or not he was bitter, as he explained that it wasn’t necessarily a dig at Liverpool, but a general observation and one that is “scary for all of football”.

It’s obviously nothing new and isn’t merely restricted to football, but it seems as though the days of watching and enjoying the moment have gone with many people more than happy to have their phones out to log the event instead.

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