Arsenal legend reveals whether he thinks Arsene Wenger will manage England

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has revealed whether he thinks that Arsene Wenger will be the next England manager, report Gulf Times.

When quizzed about the possibility of Wenger being the next Three-Lions boss, Gulf Times quote Henry in saying: “You can never say never but I personally don’t see it happening.”

Henry knows Wenger well having played under him at Arsenal between the years of 1999 and 2007. He believes that the sporadic nature of international management would not suit his former boss: “I said recently that Arsene likes to be on the field on a daily basis and when you’re coach of a national team you don’t get to do that.”

The England role remains vacant after Sam Allardyce’s sacking last month. The Telegraph reported at the time that the FA had their targets set on Wenger, and the rumours haven’t gone away.

Henry won two Premier League titles at Arsenal under Wenger, but the Gunners have not won the trophy for 12 years. Some of the Arsenal faithful are growing frustrated with their manager.

There is the possibility that Wenger, now 67-years-old, would be keen on a less intense job as he approaches retirement. Henry, however, thinks the opposite and that it’s the hands-on nature of club football that he loves.

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