Bitter Man City fan mocks and harrasses Man Utd supporters for being non-Manchester, before they turn on him

One Man City fan hung around Old Trafford like a bad smell last night after watching his side lose 1-0 to rivals United in the second Manchester Derby of the season.

His objective was seemingly to embarrass United and their fans, shaming them for not being born in Manchester like he (probably) was.

As United fans – admittedly, mainly those who probably don’t go to every home game – queued up to catch a glimpse of their heroes leaving the stadium, they were asked (in very bad English for a local) “Where from Manchester are you from?”

The creator of the offending video – which has since been deleted – seemed to think that mocking and intimidating tourists is funny, perhaps hard.

Or maybe he believed he was making a meaningful protest against the globalisation of English football?

If the latter is the case, one can only assume that he refused on principle to celebrate City’s two Premier League titles, which were funded by rich men from the United Arab Emirates.

Every club in the Premier League has fans and stakeholders from all over the country, as well as the wider world.

To think anyone has more of a right to watch, enjoy or support a team because they were born within a closer proximity of their stadium is more than naive.

But let’s not give the lad too much grief, because we’ve all probably acted childishly after a disappointing result at some point in our lives.

And he has suffered enough. Not only did he make the (very short) journey home with his tail between his legs because of what happened on the pitch, his little sketch outside the ground was inevitably cut short by some angry United fans from… London, or Manila, or Pluto… Somewhere much less honourable than Manchester anyway!