No punishment for Lionel Messi after Man City spat – but don’t blame it on a conspiracy

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Maybe it’s the fact that he’s one of the world’s most recognisable figures from the world of sport. Maybe it’s the multi-million pound endorsements. Maybe it’s the new hair.

Whatever Leo Messi has going for him, he seems to lead a charmed life, and he’s found his way out of a tricky spot once again today, as UEFA confirmed that neither of the two reported incidents involving the striker was included in the referee’s report, and thus neither will carry any kind of punishment.

“Nothing was mentioned in the official reports, therefore no disciplinary action has been taken,” UEFA are quoted as saying in the Daily Mirror.

Messi had allegedly had an argument with the officials at half time, as well as a bust-up with City players after the final whistle. The fact that neither of these incidents were reported confirm that there is a global UEFA conspiracy to cover up the striker’s misdeeds….

Or, perhaps more likely, that the events never took place and had been blown out of proportion by media outlets desperate for a story about Lionel Messi being a sore loser.

I suppose we’ll never know.

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