England players snuck off to Bournemouth strip club the night of Wayne Rooney hotel fiasco

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Wayne Rooney’s night of shame crashing a wedding on England duty has already been doing the rounds in the papers for a week, but it shows no signs of going away. In fact with every passing day more details of the fateful night are revealed.

Today, for example, Rooney has hit back at his critics, accusing them of trying to end his career prematurely and calling his treatment “disgraceful”. Meanwhile, sensing blood, the rest of the press have closed around other members of the England team. Now Adam Lallana and Jordan Henderson are being accused by the Sun of taking a 220 mile round trip to a Bournemouth strip club while on England duty.

Despite its sensational headline, the article reveals that Henderson is teetotal and Lallana drank only a “few sips of beer”. Despite this night of heavy sipping, the Liverpool winger was able to be one of England’s brightest player in the 2-2 draw with Spain, before coming off with an injury.

According to the story, other England players were out till 4.30am the same morning.

While Rooney’s drinking appeared to be a little excessive in the photographs, Lallana and Henderson don’t appear to have done a huge amount wrong (assuming their wives don’t mind them visiting strip clubs), and many people will feel that the England players’ treatment by the press this week has been excessively invasive.

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