(Photo) Arsenal fan spends EFL Cup clash doing homework at Emirates as Gunners mocked

Arsenal haven’t got the greatest of reputations for the being the loudest bunch at home games, and here’s another reason why.

Just last week one supporter was slammed for spending a large portion of the Champions League showdown against Paris Saint-Germain on FaceTime with his girlfriend, but we’ve got another contender to rival him for most embarrassing mid-game activity.

One lad decided that it was the right time and place and bring out his homework, as seen in the tweet below from @Olishorts, as he cracked on while his team were in action.

To be fair, watching the Gunners get dumped out of the EFL Cup by Southampton probably wasn’t the best viewing anyway, but ultimately this is another case of a waste of a ticket.

Unsurprisingly, the image has gone viral and he seems to have gotten away with it for the large part as many of those commenting have left him off the hook and sympathised with him given the performance from Arsenal and the atmosphere at the stadium.

Still, come on lad, it could have waited surely…