Man United boss Jose Mourinho takes aim at UEFA over dangerous playing conditions

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Jose Mourinho has been focusing his beef on the Premier League this season, with the Europa League seemingly beneath him UEFA have been spared his ire for large stretches of the season.

With tonight’s game against Zorya Luhansk coming at the worst possible time for the Red Devils boss however, it’s no surprise to see him letting off some steam with a shot at the governing body over the conditions his players will be asked to play in tonight in Odessa, Ukraine.

Sky Sports quote the Portuguese as criticising the decision to arrange the game for a December night which is set to drop to -7 degree celcius, creating a rock hard surface that could cause an injury just at the worst possible moment for his team which is desperately trying to regain some momentum after two months of listing horribly.

“The pitch is hard, the pitch is icy,” the United manager said.

“”I think that is a problem. They are trying, they are putting some warmth on top of it, but people cannot make miracles, so let’s hope everything goes well,” he added without much conviction.