This is the end for John Terry at Chelsea, finally

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It’s happened every year for a long time now, as January comes round and John Terry enters the final six months of his contract. The rumours about his departures always come and go, but when the dust settles he is still at the Bridge come September.

Last year it got closer to happening than ever before, with Terry basically giving a farewell speech on the pitch before the final game of the season, but eventually the arrival of Antonio Conte provided a stay of execution for JT.

This year looks like it will be his last however, for the simple reason that he’s no longer playing. In previous years it was never really plausible the Blues would let him go considering he was still playing every week. Now he’s just a benchwarmer, allowing him to transition to coaching seems a more natural progression.

Although you just never know… an injury could see Terry back in the side, and with a few big performances just one more year could become a temptation once again…

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