(Photo) Fatman Scoop casts doubts over his Liverpool ultra status as he sits with Everton fans during Merseyside Derby

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I don’t want to weigh in on Fatman Scoop too hard here, because I watched Celebrity Big Brother when he was in the house and, by all accounts, he seems like a sound bloke.

His good form on Channel 5 does not defend what he did tonight, though.

American rapper Scoop was spotted in the Everton end during their Merseyside Derby against Liverpool, despite previously claiming to be a Red.

Scoop attended Liverpool’s 0-0 draw with Manchester United earlier this season and, when quoted by The Echo in October, he set out his intention to watch Jurgen Klopp’s men again.

“If I’m here [in the UK] I kind of want to learn the culture,” he said.

“Liverpool have given me the opportunity to come here and red is my favourite colour too, so that helps.”

Discussing the United game, he added: “I’m starting to learn a little bit more. Everyone was crowded and that was the manager’s (Jose Mourinho) gameplan to stop and not allow it be a free-flowing game.

“So when I go back and see another Liverpool game everything is spaced out, so I’m learning and picking up the ones and twos.”

Perhaps we have been too quick to judge Scoop here? Maybe he just doesn’t have enough LFC loyalty points to get big away tickets yet, so he had to ‘go undercover’?