Man City charged for repeatedly breaking anti-doping rules and give flimsy excuse

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Manchester City have been charged by the FA for breaking anti-doping rules.

As reported by the BBC, the club are being punished for breaking the rules on three occasions.

The rules broken relate to the club failing to provide accurate information about the wherabouts of players at times when they were due to be drug tested.

This is apparently due to a change in training routines meaning that club staff were unable to find the necessary players at the right time.

While this seems fairly innocent, failing on three occasions is at best extremely sloppy from an organisation that takes itself as seriously as Manchester City’s football operation, and at worst suspicious.

Pep Guardiola – who tested positive for Nandrolone at the end of his career before having his charges overturned – has never been able to shake the baseless rumours associating him with doping.

According to the BBC, the punishment is most likely a fine, despite the repeated contraventions of the rules.