Chelsea fans will not boo Diego Costa

Diego Costa is set to return to Chelsea side following his absence from the entire match day squad last week.

The combustible Brazilian has recovered from the “back injury” that allegedly kept him out of action last week, and has made up with the coach he fell out with.

According to Antonio Conte, everything’s back to normal at Chelsea and, while he wouldn’t outright confirm it, Costa will start.

Some have speculated that Chelsea fans might boo, but that would be to misread the feeling at Stamford Bridge. The crowd there love Diego and his mischievousness – even when its victim is Chelsea themselves. When he openly admitted to wanting to return to Madrid this summer the crowd stayed with him and he stayed scoring goals.

The situation is the same now, and as long as he’s winning games and putting in maximum effort on the pitch, he can say what he likes off it.

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