Manchester United hero engages in heated war of words with Arsenal fans over Arsene Wenger

Ex-Manchester United defender and Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville has clashed with Arsenal Fan TV over their thoughts towards Arsene Wenger.

The French tactician came under fire at the weekend after his side’s 3-1 loss to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, with the calls for him to go growing louder again.

Neville was co-commentating on that game and as the full-time whistle approached, he branded one fan holding a ‘time to go’ banner as an “idiot”.

He wasn’t finished there though as while on punditry duty on Sunday for Manchester United’s win over Leicester City, he again brought up Arsenal supporters.

Evidently, the former United man believes that Wenger deserves more respect for the job that he has done at Arsenal and has warned the club’s supporters that the grass isn’t always greener and in this situation they could be left to rue their decision if they replace their long-time manager.

However, he had some words for Arsenal Fan TV in particular, addressing them specifically after seeing fans slate Wenger outside of Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

“I walked out of the Chelsea ground yesterday and there were the Arsenal Fan TV cameras everywhere,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“To be honest with you it was embarrassing listening to it and watching it. I was watching Chelsea fans taking the mickey out of them, which was a little bit funny.

“I was watching Arsenal fans slating and slanging into him [Arsene Wenger], and I thought, ‘he doesn’t deserve that’.

“He’s done an unbelievable job. If he was to announce his retirement at the end of the season tomorrow everybody would plough in with tributes. They’d say he was amazing, and in eight months time, ten months time, they might be thinking, ‘I wish he was still here’”.

The war of words continued on Twitter as Arsenal Fan TV hit back at the 41-year-old by insisting that every fan has a right to voice their opinion and it isn’t just ex-footballers in Sky Sports studios who should have the chance to get their views across.

It eventually ended up with Neville insisting that he’d be happy to go on the platform and have a discussion, but it remains to be seen if it materialises. AFTV has a significant following and in fairness it does offer opinion on both sides of the Wenger argument, although it has received plenty of criticism too from some Arsenal fans who claim to be embarrassed by the rants from some fans.

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