Chelsea retain history but Tottenham could be set for controversial decision

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Both Chelsea and Tottenham are set to ply their trade in new-look stadiums in the not too distant future, but they’re reportedly going in a different direction on a key aspect.

According to The Times, the London rivals are adopting different strategies as while Chelsea will retain Stamford Bridge as the name of their stadium, Spurs are willing to sell the naming rights to White Hart Lane.

The latter have been keen to show off what their finished stadium will look like, and admittedly, it looks pretty spectacular, as does the new Stamford Bridge with both clubs acknowledging the necessity to improve their respective homes and generate bigger income.

However, while Chelsea will stick with their history, it’s claimed that Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy wants to raise more than £400m from the sale of naming rights to the new 61,000-seat stadium.

Given the money involved, it’s not really a surprise as surely Spurs can’t be begrudged for exploring that avenue and seeing it as another opportunity to strengthen themselves financially.

Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how well it would go down with supporters, while Chelsea look to avoid dropping the name of their home that has been synonymous with them for decades in some form.

It’s an interesting time in the Premier League with new stadiums being built or renovated, or in West Ham United’s case, rented, but the common factor in all of these instances is that the clubs will have to find a balance in terms of modernising themselves but also protecting their history.