Tottenham man risks infuriating supporters with explanation for poor Spurs form

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When you’re not in form and not a particular popular man, the best thing to do is to keep your head down and work hard. Tottenham ace Moussa Sissoko didn’t get the memo.

The French international has failed to make a positive impact since his summer move to White Hart Lane, with many supporters singling him out for criticism after their Europa League defeat to Gent on Thursday night.

In turn, he would have been well advised to just keep training hard and trying to turn their opinion on the pitch, but his comments on why Spurs are struggling currently are unlikely to go down too well.

“Everyone knows how we play and they try to give 100 percent against Tottenham,” he is quoted as saying by ESPN FC.

“Every team we play has a different style but we have a philosophy of how to play, and we try to do the same philosophy every game. Sometimes it’s working, sometimes it is a little bit harder.

“We still keep going in that way because that is how we work and how we did well in the past. It’s just a bad moment, but we will come back stronger.”

It’s unclear how helpful Mauricio Pochettino will find his assessment, as although it’s not exactly a direct criticism of his manager, perhaps it is a hint to suggest there isn’t enough flexibility from his part.

Evidently, it would help if Sissoko turned in more impressive performances himself despite only playing a bit-part role this season, and there will be many supporters who will be left particularly unimpressed with what he’s had to say at a time when he’s not covering himself in glory on the pitch.

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