Arsenal fan gets destroyed for trying to organise ‘Wenger In’ march

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Arsenal FanTV regular Chris has decided to show his support for Arsene Wenger, but unfortunately for him it hasn’t gone down very well.

His plan essentially revolved around organising a ‘pro Wenger’ march ahead of Tuesday night’s Champions League clash with Bayern Munich.

While others are likely to show their displeasure with the French tactician and show their support for the ‘Wenger Out’ argument, it just shows further evidence of the divide within the supporters.

Chris clearly still values what the French tactician brings to the club and is merely showing his support for him. However, as can be expected now, the ‘Wenger Out Brigade’ have come out in their numbers and lambasted him for his stunt with Piers Morgan even getting involved.

It’s a shame really as both sides have their valid arguments and it remains to be seen who gets their way at the end of the season with Wenger’s contract set to come to an end.

Despite there being just a few months remaining until the end of the season, it’s still unclear as to whether or not he’ll sign a new contract, but evidently there is a growing number of supporters who hope to see him step down after over 20 years in charge.

Chris clearly loves rustling a few feathers, as he later revealed on Tuesday afternoon that he wasn’t going through with the march after being contacted by BBC Radio 5Live for an interview. Read his comments below, I’m sure all the non-Arsenal fans will probably find it all hilarious…

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