Barcelona star labelled a “moron” in furious tirade after recent Egypt trip

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Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi has been branded a “moron” by world-renowned archeologist Zahi Hawass after a recent trip to Egypt.

Hawass took the Argentine international on a tour of the Giza pyramids complex last month, and it appears as though he wasn’t impressed by the meeting.

Recalling the events of that day, he claims that he could tell that Messi wasn’t particularly interested in what he was saying and evidently he hasn’t taken it too kindly.

“I’m sorry to say it but he is a moron,” he is quoted as saying by The Sun.

“I said it because when I was speaking to him, his face was like a stone. I spent half an hour with him at the Pyramids. I think it was important to tell him about them because he has millions of followers throughout the world.

“It’s good for Egypt and for tourism. I don’t think he was at all interested. I didn’t see any interest in his face in what I was telling him.”

On Messi’s side of things he seemed to thoroughly enjoy the trip as he was given star treatment at the complex as part of his ambassadorial role for the Tour ‘n’ Cure campaign.

Hawass even compared the 29-year-old to Hollywood actor Will Smith in that he made a point of how far apart on the spectrum the pair were with the American superstar taking a great deal of interest in understanding the history and engaging in conversation with the knowledge that he had already accumulated.

It appears as though Messi didn’t quite make the same impression, although it’s probably a bit harsh to label him a moron isn’t it…

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