BBC massively troll Arsenal ahead of impossible task in Bayern Munich showdown

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Arsenal are staring a 5-1 deficit in the face when Bayern Munich visit on Tuesday night for the second leg of their round-of-16 Champions League clash.

Few people, if any, give the Gunners the chance of mounting a sensational comeback and advancing, and their hopes are reflected in the odds on it happening as they are certainly stacked up against them.

However, as they’re probably accustomed to by now, Arsenal seem to get a lot more stick and attention when things go wrong, with Arsene Wenger undoubtedly facing the brunt of criticism and anger from the club’s supporters.

Nevertheless, this will only serve to wind the fans up further and give some excellent material for their rivals, as BBC Sport have played a game of what events are more likely to happen than Arsenal advancing to the next round of the Champions League with odds of 33-1.

Included in the list of things that are more likely to happen, is anyone other than Vladimir Putin to win the Russian presidential election, Lionel Messi to sign for Manchester City this summer, England to win the 2018 World Cup, the next James Bond to be a woman and perhaps worst of all the existence of alien life to be proven in 2017.

Talk about kicking a club while they’re down, this certainly takes the biscuit. If there is any consolation that Arsenal fans can take from this little game, Danny Dyer to become the next Doctor Who is less likely as is the UK to win the Eurovision song contest for the first time since 1997.

All the best Arsene…