Goal off the crossbar – jackpot on the reels

We must all admit, a goal off the crossbar looks amazing! Some of them keep rolling on the sport news intros months after they actually take place. It’s joyful to see one, but it’s much more enticing to score a goal of this kind.

A few days ago, on the 28th of February, Newcastle scored a magnificent goal in their away match versus Brighton. It was one thrilling goal, with Diame putting the ball in the net. The defense, nor the goalkeeper, nobody could reach the ball and save the net from Brighton’s squad.

Now these are the goals that get carved in history. Imagine if this was not a Championship game, instead it was a Champions League semifinal. Imagine the hype! It will be carved in history, becoming a topic of many discussions, even decades after the magical moment happened.

Raise the Stakes – Winning a Bet Because of a Late Goal off the Crossbar

Most likely, you remember a goal of this kind and you probably have doubts you will forget it. On top of this, if you’ve placed a bet and this goal is the reason you won, you will never and we guarantee, never forget it.

That probably is the surge of dopamine running in your brain. However, this feeling occurs rarely, mainly because goals off the crossbar are, in fact, a rare sight to see. If there was only a way to experience the same excitement of seeing or even scoring a goal off the crossbar, or off the post at the very least.

Boy, oh boy.

Shake the Woodwork with a “Polished” Volley

Back in the days, the frame of the goal was made of wood, ergo the term woodwork. A little trivia never hurt anyone. Whenever a player hit the woodwork with a strong, yet controlled volley, the dust would fall off.

Now before you start lynching us, we found an equivalent of an off the crossbar goal, but in a different setting. We can all agree that football has had a huge impact in other industries, especially in entertainment. Sports betting is one form of entertainment for football fans who like to earn a few pounds without any effort.

How would you feel if say you land a big prize? In addition, you don’t need to be familiar with the performance of the players, no past results, no moral evaluation, nothing, zero!

Jackpots up For Grabs – Add a “Spin” to Win

It couldn’t be simpler than this. All it takes is to spin the reels of some video slot based on football or any other theme, and you’re in for spectacular prizes. Now, as we mentioned earlier, scoring a magnificent goal that’s a real eye-catcher occurs rarely. Jackpots are the equivalent of these goals, but you do not need to sweat about it. No need to run 10 miles on the pitch to become the man of the match. They occur roughly with the same frequency as if you’d follow a top-class football competition. In other words, they really resemble each other.