What could the Premier League’s packed middle mean for betting?

It’s no surprise to avid football fans that the Premier League has a lot of top-heavy competition, with a number of teams packing in the middle, with few points to spare one way or another.

It certainly makes it interesting when one gets involved in betting, especially when you realise that only a few points separate the middle few teams in this league.

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What about that packed middle?

When you take a closer look at the Premier League, you have just four points that separate Stoke City in ninth place from Watford who sit in 13th place. However, the separation between the sixth spot and the seventh place team is five points, plus a game in hand for Manchester United.

This means there will be a lot of movement among the middle ranked teams, but unless something drastic happens in the next several weeks, it’s not likely that any of them, whether they are in 13th place now or seventh place, will actually be able to overtake sixth place and get the final Europa League spot.

There are going to be plenty of changing positions in the middle of this field.

In the next two months there’s going to be little difference in the standings, at least with regard to those teams that sit in the middle of the pack. The 2015-16 season got away from the norm thanks to Leicester’s success at the summit, but that’s not going to repeat itself this time. We have now returned to some semblance of normalcy, at least for this year.

A year ago, Liverpool were sitting three points away from fifth and two away from sixth. At the time, they were down at 13th place. The hope, after last season, was that increased spending within many of the Premier clubs was going to equal another tight race to finish. While it has certainly led to a tight middle of the pack, there is little tension for the league overall, at least who will make it to the next stage, at least with the top six teams.

What to do with this information.

For those who have a penchant for betting on soccer, taking those middle of the pack teams into consideration and trying to determine various factors and variables can be exceedingly difficult. While the top five or six teams are pretty much etched in stone, barring a major disaster from here on out, those middle of the road teams can offer great flexibility and a wide range of options.

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