Liverpool starlet forced to return £80k Range Rover after embarrassing tax mishap

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An unnamed Liverpool youth star has reportedly had to give back an £80,000 Range Rover after making a mess of understanding his wage packet.

According to The Mirror, the youngster decided to splash out and treat himself on the pricey motor with his first payment, but he failed to really understand his wage slip.

While it seems a bit of a wind up at first, there’s a quote from Peter Fairchild, an advisor to Premier League players, included in the report, which suggests that this embarrassing sequence of events really happened.

“He got confused between his net and his gross income,” Fairchild said. “[Young players] see a fleet of shiny cars at the training ground and don’t want to be seen in a Fiat Punto.”

Having discovered the tax deductions on his wages and seemingly then realised that he couldn’t actually afford the Range Rover, it’s claimed that the individual in question had to return the car to the dealership.

Fortunately for him it doesn’t appear as though his name will come out, but it’s just another sad story about the way in which the modern day game is going.

It’s difficult to know which part is more embarrassing to be fair. A young kid being able to afford a car like that before he’s even proven anything or the fact that he couldn’t even work out what was what on his pay slip. What is the world coming to…

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