Alexis Sanchez slammed by ex rugby player as Arsenal boss somehow blames ref over controversy

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Former rugby star Ben Kay has hit out at Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez after his antics against Leicester City on Wednesday night.

Now it’s worth noting at this stage that the image below is quite graphic, as it compares an injury suffered by a rugby player and that of the small cut that Sanchez suffered with a caption asking which one rolled around the floor holding their face?

The Chilean international was booked in injury time during the 1-0 win over the Foxes after he blocked Christian Fuchs from taking a throw-in twice before the Leicester star threw the ball straight at him.

While it appeared as though contact was made with his shoulder, Sanchez decided to fall on the ground clutching his face before taking to social media after the game to reveal a small cut on the underside of his top lip which may have come after a heavy tackle from Robert Huth.

Having copped a lot of criticism from those watching, Arsene Wenger has someone managed to pin the blame on the referee as he believes that Sanchez didn’t know he had to be further away from the position where the throw-in was being taken.

“I think he didn’t know that he had to be further away. As well, I must say the referee didn’t tell him. After the first attempt, the referee didn’t tell him he has to move away,” Wenger told a news conference.

“After that, he got a yellow card because he didn’t respect the rule. I accept that. Because he was not at the right distance. The referee should have told him, or the linesman. On top of that, I think Fuchs was lucky not to get a yellow card because he threw the ball at him on purpose.”

Opinion will be split on the matter, but it’s not going to do much for the reputation that footballers have over feigning injury and being too brittle.

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