Skybet RequestaBet & WhatOddsPaddy Football handles on Twitter changing times for punters looking to place a bet

Twitter has seen plenty of interaction from football fans and punters in recent months, with tow well known brands, Skybet and PaddyPower launching their #requestabet & #whatoddsPaddy twitter services. But whats it all about? Lewis Jones takes a look…

I was sat in a pub at Saturday lunchtime with a few millennials.

Whilst guzzling, the talk around the table became lively as they plotted their plan of attack on the bookmakers for their day of sport consumption and gambling. Accumulators, tasty trixies and bankers were all on the conversation agenda, but it was the talk of #requestabets that really lifted the level of debate.

All four lads around the table had regularly got involved with this type of bet with varying levels of success, but it didn’t matter if they were in front or behind, the pleasure they took out of following this type of bet outweighed the levels of profit produced.


There are currently 2 UK companies offering #requestabet but this is likely to grow over the next few months, as betting companies are discovering the power of social media.

Skybet were the first to really harness the power of social media with the original #requestabet handle, enabling punters to ask the Skybet odds compilers directly for prices on certain outcomes.

Paddy Power were quick to follow however, with  now becoming ever more popular with punters.

This is repeated in the social world (no surprises really considering the topic has a hashtag) where Twitter and Facebook is filled with authoritative accounts with plenty of bulk in their following column, spreading the buzz about the possibilities of landing a huge priced winner via a #requestabet.

A #requestabet for those that haven’t the foggiest, is a accumulator based bet which is built by the customer rather than offered up by the bookmaker.

Whether its goals, cards, corners, finding horses to place, the amount of aces in a tennis match you can accumulate them all to create one single bet, where the odds are always juicy to the eyes of a casual punter.

It’s amazing to think that just a little over two decades ago, consumers only had telephone lines and potentially e-mail to liaise with a business. In today’s mobile and social media savvy world, consumers have countless ways to communicate with each other.

Giving power and choice to the consumer provides the basis of any successful marketing strategy in any area of business – and betting is seemingly cottoning on.

Sky Bet are the frontrunners of the #requestabet boom. That is solely down to the organisation and staffing of their social media team, who are at the call of the customer whenever they need a price quoted. The process to get your price is very simple.

All punters need to do is tweet the relevant bookmaker, aka Sky Bet in this case, with the selections and the requestabet hashtag. The social team will then forward the details of your requested bet onto their trading team who will generate a price and have it uploaded to the website for you to fill your boots with. Customers through the betting app can also build their own requestabet at just a few hits of a screen.

“See it, build it, back it” is the slogan aired out on the Sky Bet TV advert and the concept is proving popular with both the consumer and the business, who are happy to take a hit on a big pay out due to the exposure gained for this type of bet.

As an onlooker, when you see someone has landed a 100/1 requestabet, your instinct is to jump on the bandwagon and have a go yourself.

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