(Video) BBC pundit fumes over Arsenal-Man Utd pre-game antics, not impressed with PL

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It’s fair to say that Phil Neville isn’t a happy man. Aside from blasting the Premier League, he was also critical of some shenanigans prior to Arsenal vs Man Utd.

The former United and Everton stalwart has revealed that he’s in fact “bored of watching” the Premier League at times this season, and believes that the top teams are some distance behind European juggernauts Real Madrid.

In fairness, he has a point. Despite all the money that’s pumped into the English top flight, the sold-out stadiums around the country and all the top talent on display on huge wages, many of the big games this season have failed to live up to expectations.

While he will spark debate with his suggestion that David De Gea is the only Premier League player who could get into the current Madrid side, he got plenty of support on Twitter while naturally others disagreed and decided to take the opportunity to have a pop at his punditry.

He wasn’t done there either as he also slammed Manchester United and Arsenal players for greeting each other in the tunnel prior to Sunday’s showdown.

While Wayne Rooney had a steely glare looking ahead of him at all times, the likes of De Gea and Ander Herrera were seen hugging and laughing with Nacho Monreal while Petr Cech was also in an amicable mood shaking hands with former boss Jose Mourinho.

You’ll be surprised to know that it didn’t go well with Neville, as he slammed the whole spectacle in general as he believes it showed how far the two clubs have fallen.

“Yes, Arsenal won, to end United’s long unbeaten run, but nobody really cared – including United manager Jose Mourinho,” he told BBC Sport.

“Watching Mourinho afterwards, it was probably the first time in about six months that I have seen him relaxed and smiling.

“When I played for United against Arsenal, I always thought I was going into a situation that was totally out of my comfort zone.

“It was a matter of life and death, or it felt like it anyway. Even in the tunnel beforehand you saw everyone hugging and smiling, which would never have happened when Martin and I played.

“Our teams were at each other’s throats most of the time – literally on a few occasions.”

Cheer up Phil, maybe next season will be better…

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