(Videos) Watch Tottenham Hotspur fans try to steal seats from White Hart Lane with mixed levels of success

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Us football fans love souvenirs.

Many of us used to collect ticket stubs, before most Premier League stadiums switched to electronic entry cards.

Meanwhile, matchday programmes are still fairly popular, but they’re a bit naff these days, considering they can cost up to £10 and are basically just made up of articles copy-and-pasted from the club’s official website.

So, with decent football collectables harder to come by nowadays, footy fans sometimes need to go out of their way to get a good piece of memorabilia.

A case in point was Sunday’s game between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United at White Hart Lane – the final match ever to be played at the famous old stadium.

Spurs gave every home fan a bag containing a t-shirt and a flag, but that just wasn’t special enough for many supporters, who decided they’d much rather physically take a bit of White Hart Lane home with them.

Advertising boards were popular, but seats were by far the most in-demand item fans tried to steal.

Some made their thieving look easy.

However, others hot a tough time trying to remove the plastic chairs from the stadium.

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