Chelsea fans trade chants with Arsenal supporters, but hilariously unite to hate on rivals

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Chelsea and Arsenal fans were in good voice on Saturday ahead of the FA Cup final, but it appears they were united at one stage too with Tottenham supporters likely to be less than impressed.

The two sets of supporters would have undoubtedly been busy trading chants and probably insults with one another heading to the stadium.

However, as noted by ESPN FC correspondent Liam Twomey, they decided that enough was enough and it was Tottenham’s turn to receive some stick.

It appears as though they have something in common in that they evidently don’t like Mauricio Pochettino’s boys, with geography and history coming into play.

However, after filtering into Wembley, both sets of fans were in fine voice as they cheered on their respective teams in the season finale.

It’s more than likely that there was a bit more banter thereafter with Spurs probably coming back on the agenda, but based on these videos, it all looks pretty amicable as the two London rivals battle it out over the last domestic trophy on offer this season.

Meanwhile, poor old Tottenham fans are probably sat at home wanting to get a few things off their chest too. Next season guys…

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