The best betting and football apps just got better

There was a time when betting Brits looked with concern at the UK Gambling Commission, charged with protecting the public from problem gambling and ensuring a level playing field for wagers. Perhaps they feared regulators would be restrictive, driving away betting sites, or taxing bettors as some nations have.

So far, that hasn’t been the case. The Commission has preferred to take a largely hands-off benevolent approach, preferring oversight, guidelines and recommendations to a stiff-armed forceful approach. The result has been a booming betting environment which encourages innovation and growth in the online gambling industry.

So what should you place your wagers on? Well, in the UK, football is by far the top draw for online wagering, with horses a close second. With the World Cup wrecking ball swinging unstoppably our way, it’s time to warm up your wagering muscles!

In the UK, powerhouse online bookie bet365, offers an unmatched selection of sports wagering. Bigger than Ladbrokes and William Hill, the site is first and foremost a sportsbook, with casino games as a secondary activity. Just sign up, make a quick deposit and you’re ready to place bets. Bet365 features a 100% matching quid deposit bonus up to 100 quid which puts “free money” in your online wallet – although you need to wager regularly to make full use of your welcome gift. Customisable push notifications help you track results and wagers.

Punters also get a steady stream of promos which can improve their odds and offer them freebies. Servicing more than 6 million users in 200 countries, bet365 Sportsbook definitely has a big-league feel. Unlike casino sites besieging you with by glossy graphics inspired by Vegas casinos and cartoonish slot promos, the Bet365 site feels more like a dashboard for mining big data. Sports is the first column in the horizontal menu, and the entire left side of the screen is a submenu, and often a sub-submenu, listing every sort of sport imaginable.

Bet365’s online betting gives you instant access to live matches around the world and makes it simple to wager during play. The second column from the left is devoted to live bet opportunities. Sports events stream live, around the clock and around the world. Each sport, and usually each club, has a dedicated page, as does each sporting event. Just visit the in-play page and see your betting options.

Of course, you can wager on horse racing, basketball, tennis, cricket and more. And yes. you can also use your account to try your hand at slots, poker and other casino games. If you fancy speculating about the Parliament or Donald Trump, you can bet on the contact sport called politics. But Bet365 is at its best for football betting, and the pitch-green site doesn’t let you forget it.