Chelsea and Tottenham fans clash with hilarious results over Conte’s desire to sign £100m Kane

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When Chelsea boss Antonio Conte decided to go public with his thoughts that Harry Kane is worth at least £100m and that he would love to sign him, it was always going to spark a reaction.

As reported by The Guardian, the Italian tactician has been discussing the transfer market and Chelsea’s London rivals, and so put the two together and this is what you get.

“Tottenham is a really good squad if they are able to keep all the players,” said Conte. “For me, Kane, now, is one of the best strikers in the world. If I had to buy one striker I would go to Kane. He is a complete striker.

“If you go to buy Kane now it would be at least £100m. At least. For me, if I see this price for a striker I know for sure he’s a big striker.”

With 93 goals in his last three seasons, 29 in the Premier League last year, the England international is undoubtedly one of the top marksman in Europe and has silenced any doubters who still questioned whether or not he could consistently deliver at the highest level.

While that in itself was enough to spark some jubilant Tottenham fans into suggesting that Chelsea are disappointed that they can’t afford their best players, Conte’s additional comments about the lack of spending at Spurs and their expectations moving forward ensured that it was easy for Chelsea fans to fire back with something of their own.

All in all, it led to the hilarious results below, with both sets of supporters having plenty to say on the matter as the first and second best teams in England last season prepare to go back to battle in the campaign ahead.

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