Neymar press conference: Why he left Barcelona, hits back at money claims

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Paris Saint-Germain unveiled Neymar to the media on Friday, as the Brazilian international completed his sensational €222m move to the French capital.

As per BBC Sport, the 25-year-old has shattered the world-record transfer fee, and will earn big wages at PSG moving forward having left La Liga behind.

Talk has been rife for weeks that he was looking for a way out of Barcelona, and he has now finally got his wish as he will start a new challenge in Ligue 1.

While it would undoubtedly have been difficult for him to bid farewell to Barca, Neymar will now have the opportunity to establish himself as the top player in Europe having now joined a club where he will be considered the main man.

Naturally, he was delighted with the move as he explained why he decided to join PSG, while also hitting back at those criticising him and suggesting he made the move for money.

“I’m very, very happy. Thank you for those kind words Mr President and for this new challenge. I’m happy to come to PSG which is a great club and a wonderful city,” he told the media, as reported by Sky Sports.

“For all the questions about ambition, I think we have similar ambitions. I want something bigger, a bigger challenge and my heart chose this decision. It made me follow this ambition and it’s why I’m here in front of you. I want to give my best to help club, to achieve and win trophies.

“I wanted to come to Paris and this was only linked to me willing to find a new challenge. It’s not because I wasn’t the star at Barcelona or the big star, I felt well in Barcelona.

“It was one of most difficult decisions I’ve ever made. Barcelona is a great club, I love Barcelona. I have great friends there and fantastic players. It wasn’t great [making the decision], I can guarantee that. It was a tense moment, thinking and rethinking again. I’m leaving friends behind but that’s football.



“What I can say to these people is that they know nothing about personal life. I was never motivated by money. It was never my first motivation. What I think about is happiness, I want me and my family to be happy. I must follow my heart and not considering the money. If I was following money, I might be in different team in a different country.

“I’m sad people would think that way. I would like to thank PSG because they believe in my potential and I want to pay them back.”

One of the theories put forward as to why he was looking to move was to get out of the shadow of Lionel Messi. While that isn’t something he has ever mentioned himself, this move will certainly put him in a better position to pick up individual accolades to go with his trophies too.

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