Arjen Robben talks Chelsea, John Terry and Jose Mourinho as he writes strangely brilliant letter to his former self

Arjen Robben has discussed Chelsea, John Terry, Jose Mourinho, and more in a nostalgic letter to his younger self. While Robben has featured in many top European sides he chose to dedicate much of his letter to his time at Chelsea.

In his contribution to The Players Tribune Robben notes that at Chelsea Jose Mourinho was a “perfect match.” Adding that, “He wants to see your very best, each and every day on the pitch. And all you’ll want to give is your best. Whether in training, or in a match.”

However, out of all the stars that Robben has played alongside in his career the individual that he spoke most fondly of was perhaps John Terry. Terry who of-course captained the title-winning Chelsea side that Robben was part of is still to this day a huge inspiration to the Dutchman. Robben asks himself, “What can a Dutch winger learn from an English center back?” and answers in an emphatic fashion simply stating, “Everything.”

The Dutch winger goes on to add “I’m not sure you’ll know it then, just how much John influenced you. So really take in those moments with him. You won’t play with anyone quite like him again.”

Amongst heavily noting his time at Chelsea The Dutchman also pays homage to his knack for cutting inside and onto his left foot, “specifically, coming in from the right wing and shooting with your left? Work on this. Practice this. It’ll come in handy more times than you can count. Trust me on this one.”

We certainly can’t argue that Robben’s insane ability to break a thousand hearts with a simple drop of his shoulder in pushing a ball onto his left-foot is essential to not only his game, but his contributions to world football in the last 15 years. Here’s to hoping for a few more broken hearts from the Dutchman’s left foot in the years to come.

To read Robben’s letter to himself in full visit The Players Tribune here

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