Wayne Rooney’s nightmare gets worse, furious Coleen will be livid as party girl reveals more antics

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Being pulled up for drink-driving was bad enough for Wayne Rooney, but as more details are leaked of his boozy nightmare, things could be about to get much worse for him.

It was reported on Friday that the Everton star had been arrested for drink driving on Thursday night and he’ll face the consequences of that in the coming weeks.

However, as reported by The Sun, Laura Simpson, the female companion that Rooney drove home after his drinking session, has now revealed further details of the lead-up to the pair getting pulled over by the police.

Having offered to drive her home, the 29-year-old has revealed how Rooney was left “p***** off and worried” about how wife Coleen would react, as she is said to be returning from her holiday with the pair expecting their fourth child.

It gets worse. This is what Simpson had to say about the events leading up to the pair driving home:

“I got to the bar around 10pm,” she told the Sun. “He introduced himself with his mate and we sat down and had a talk and had a laugh. He kept admiring my boobs in my clingy top and asking what size they were.

“He asked if they were real and said, ‘I’d like to get my hands on them’. I laughed, he was being flirty and I didn’t tell him my boobs are fake. It’s not every night you meet a famous footballer and it wasn’t that I was star-struck, I just liked talking to him.

“Yes he’s a bit of a lad, and I was drunk but I was doing nothing wrong. I’m not a marriage wrecker.”

As much as she wants to claim that it was all innocent and nothing to make a big deal, sadly for Rooney, it is a big deal, especially given his history of alleged boozy antics and cheating.

Having made such a positive start to the season back home at Everton this year, he may well have shot himself in the foot both on and off the pitch with this latest nightmare.

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