(Watch) Tottenham unveil revolutionary supernatural pitch plans for new stadium

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Tottenham are going through what some may call a transitional period – and that is exactly what the pitch will be like at Spurs’ new stadium.

In a video posted by the club’s official twitter account, graphics show the surface to be ‘retractable’ to unearth an American Football pitch underneath the football field that will be used for Tottenham’s games.

Branded a multipurpose ground, Talkingbaws.com claim NFL two games will be played there each year after an agreement with the sports body will see the American game cross over the pond to be played on British shores.

They say Tottenham’s new ground will have 61,559 seats, nine different floors and several professional-looking corporate areas.

The London side are currently playing their home games at Wembley whilst the new stadium is being contracted. The national stadium has hosted several NFL games there itself since 2007.

Exciting times for a club heading in the right direction.