(Gallery) Wayne Rooney ‘party girl’ Laura Simpson at centre of drink-driving storm hits beach, targeted other stars before

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While Wayne Rooney faces up to the consequences of his actions last week, Laura Simpson, his companion in the car after he was stopped, is enjoying life.

The 31-year-old Everton ace was stopped and arrested by police last week for drink driving, as reported by The Sun, as he was driving Simpson home after having had a few drinks. In turn, he will face a court appearance later this month while he will undoubtedly have been warned by the club over his future conduct.

However, the inclusion of Simpson into the story naturally led to a furious reaction from wife Coleen, who had been on holiday at the time and returned to England shortly after with the couple’s three children while she’s expecting their fourth.

While Rooney was back in action for Everton on Saturday, falling to a 3-0 defeat to Tottenham at Goodison Park, Simpson was seen sunning herself in Spain, as seen in the images below from the Sun, as she clearly wanted to get away after becoming embroiled in the controversy.

The story has taken many twists and turns as detailed in the report above, but now The Sun have claimed that this isn’t the first time that Simpson has been involved with a footballer.

It’s suggested that she’s ‘obsessed’ with footballers and other stars with Ryan Giggs and Phil Bardsley as well as Joe Hart specifically mentioned in the report. It’s alleged that she even studies Premier League fixtures to know who will be around, and has tried it on with all three of the individuals mentioned above before she even met Rooney.

While it’s difficult to be 100 percent certain as to how accurate the report is, she’s undoubtedly right in the middle of this Rooney storm and it remains to be seen how it plays out.

Images courtesy of The Sun.

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