Watch: Wembley empty as Tottenham woefully struggle to sell tickets for EFL Cup clash

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Tottenham have had their issues on the pitch at Wembley for a while, but it seems as though it spread to the stands on Tuesday night.

In the defence of their supporters, a home tie with Barnsley in the EFL Cup isn’t exactly a game to thrill you on a cold September night.

As a result, it was always likely that they were going to struggle to sell out on nights like this in their temporary home. Nevertheless, this is pretty bad as just seven minutes before kick-off, Wembley was practically empty.

It’s hardly likely to help the players, but with Mauricio Pochettino and his men targeting bigger trophies this season, perhaps it won’t really matter too much.

However, it’s difficult to tell given the strong starting line-up that he put out, and so perhaps Wembley will be seeing more nights like this moving forward…