Risk to Isco’s safety by pitch invader with knife report cleared up by Israeli FA

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Six Israeli fans made their way onto the pitch after their defeat to Spain in a World Cup qualification clash on Monday, and Isco’s safety was said to be threatened.

As reported by Marca, it had been claimed that one of the wrong-doers had dropped a knife to the ground just before police were able to get to them after the stadium’s stewards and security clearly failed to deal with the situation.

However, the Israeli FA have moved swiftly to deny such claims, insisting that the suggestion one of the fans was carrying a knife is simply false.

“According to all the information we have, there is no evidence or indication that a knife was carried by anyone who ran onto the field,” IFA communications director Shlomi Barzel told Marca.

“We do not know yet where these reports have come from, they are false.”

All six people involved were arrested and Isco was unscathed as he continues to enjoy an impressive start to the season for both club and country.

While there was seemingly no danger to him on this occasion, it should raise an alert over security as it could have ended very differently.

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