FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: Six top tips for success at FUT

A six-point guide on how to boss it on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team promises to be the most exciting version of the game mode ever, with users able to build a squad of virtual football stars capable of beating the world’s best teams.

Players assemble their squad by collecting player cards that can be purchased from the online transfer market or won by completing a series of challenges.

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When you’ve built your team you can play offline events to earn more FIFA Coins or go online to battle against players around the world.

Read on for our top six tips for playing FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

Complete challenges for FIFA Coins

Completing more challenges, such as Team of the Week, can help you win more FIFA 18 coins.

FIFA 18’s story mode ‘The Journey: Hunter Returns’ will also benefit players looking to strengthen their Ultimate Team early on.

At the end of each of the game’s chapters you’re awarded new cards, including several star players who play supporting roles in the story.

You’ll eventually come across Alex Hunter, a promising striker whose rating will develop as the game progresses.

Carefully pick your challenges and you’ll soon build up your FIFA Coins.

Get the team chemistry right

Players from the same club, league or country will help your team chemistry and that’s really important in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

The manager, games for the club and position played all help determine player chemistry and team chemistry. The better these things are, the better your players will perform.

When starting the game it’s tempting to dive straight in and simply buy the top rated FIFA players, but if you don’t consider the chemistry your team will suffer.

Hang on to lower-rated players

Low-rated bronze players and even some gold players can be worth hanging on to, particularly in the Squad Building Challenges.

You might get a few hundred coins, but they can be used in the SBC’s to swap for packs to open. While you may get more coins selling 11 gold players you don’t want, you could do a repeatable SBC that lets you trade them for a pack containing a guaranteed rare player.

For a real bargain, check out ‘upgrades’ in the SBC and you’ll find bronze, silver and gold challenges that let you swap 11 players you don’t want for player packs’

Don’t pay over the odds

When starting out on FIFA Ultimate Team you’ll notice player prices are inflated because everyone is hitting it at the same time.

Icons are also in big demand, particularly as some of the Squad Battle matches will contain them. However, just like Legends before them, Icons will be incredibly rare.

FIFA 18 rewards players who travel through the different modes in Ultimate Team, so make sure you take advantage rather than blowing all your coins early in the game.

Learn from the experts

Everyone likes to think they’re a FIFA expert, but as the old saying goes ‘you’re never too old to start learning’.

The Champions Channel offers replays of the world’s best, giving you the chance to study and see what they do, you can learn just by watching them play.

Make sure you take time to watch this every now and again, because managers who don’t do their research will get found out eventually.

Think outside of the box

Building your own unique team and making them successful is the most pleasurable part of playing FIFA Ultimate Team.

Assembling a squad to take on the likes of Barcelona and beating them will have your friends and opponents scratching their heads at how you’ve managed such wizardry.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team rewards players who are prepared to go the extra mile to be a success – do your homework and results will follow.

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