Epic fail as Manchester United scout ends up 5,500 miles away from planned destination, he attends the wrong stadium in the astonishing story

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A Manchester United scout has caught the headlines of world football but not for the right reasons. In a fail of epic proportions the scout traveled across the whole of Europe to Iceland to watch Iceland’s friendly with Czech Republic yesterday only to find out that the game was being played 5,500 miles away in Qatar.

The Sun have reported the spectacular fail in which it states that the United official had been granted tickets from the Icelandic Football Association for the clash only to find himself a continent away from the action after traveling all the way from Denmark.

Picture this. A day of traveling to scout the next biggest talents in world football. You travel across the whole of Europe and make your way to the stadium to watch the night’s action. And then, you discover the stadium is empty without any floodlights lit.

Now, we’ve all had to make a few tough phone calls to our bosses letting them know that we’re going to be late to work. Further, making up excuses as to why you can’t come into work because you’re too hungover is always a daunting prospect. However, we can’t even begin to imagine how this scout conducted the phonecall to the Man United officials to let them know that he was 5,500 miles away from where he needed to be.

When you’re next having a tough day at work, just remember it can’t be as bad as this epic fail!