Video: Arsenal fan can’t hide delight as Cologne fans join in chant to troll Tottenham, not everyone convinced

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While Tottenham were basking in the glory of topping their Champions League group earlier this week, Arsenal and Cologne fans have seemingly joined forces to troll them.

The Gunners travelled to Germany for their Europa League tie on Thursday night, falling to a 1-0 defeat, although it won’t prevent them from finishing in top spot of Group H as they’ve qualified for the round of 32.

In truth, they can’t be overly happy about it given their rivals are at Europe’s top table this season while they failed to make the top four last year, but you’ve got to laugh and they’ve got to make the most of their current situation as they eye a European trophy.

However, some weren’t convinced ArsenalFan TV regular DT was right in his assertion that the two sets of supporters both sang “Tottenham are s***”, as seen in the video below, but he was adamant that was the case, much to the delight of many fellow Arsenal supporters.

While he refused to back down, others were convinced he was hearing things. We’ll let you decide which was right…