‘Should be banned’ – Fans react to contentious Man Utd-Man City souvenir

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While most of us have indulged in a souvenir or two in our time, this particular memento ahead of Man Utd against Man City this weekend has caused a stir.

Half-and-half scarves have long split opinion as it’s seen as a tourist trap more than anything else, as it’s very rare to see local supporters be duped into splashing out on them.

Naturally, this Sunday’s clash between the two Manchester giants could be crucial to this season’s title race, which Pep Guardiola will hope leads to his first Premier League title in only his second year in England.

In turn, there’s no doubt that visiting fans will snap these up ahead of kick-off on Sunday, but that’s not stopped some from putting them on the stalls two days before kick-off!

As seen in the tweet below from journalist Henry Winter, one can be yours for the bargain price of £10, and so it remains to be seen how many get sold before everyone packs up and goes home on Sunday.

It’s fair to say judging from the reaction that the tweet has got, it hasn’t gone down well with supporters from both clubs or neutral observers who have hit out at them.

Who are we to begrudge someone who likes these buying one, but the sentiment that they should be banned came from various Twitter users, as seen below…

City sit eight points above United ahead of this weekend’s showdown, and while there’s plenty of anger off the pitch, both sets of supporters will be full of passion in what could be a crucial clash in the outcome of the title battle.