Manchester United and Tottenham battle promises to be one of the transfer sagas of the summer

It may feel like a long time until the summer but there is no harm in getting prepared…especially when it comes to sorting out bets on transfers you expect to happen.

We all know that clubs will be working like beavers behind the scenes already to identify and secure the players they want to bring in for the 2018-19 season. They have to strike while the iron’s hot and make sure their top targets are not snapped up by a rival.

When you pride yourself on being award winning tipsters you have to read between the lines and that can give you an edge against the bookmakers.

There is no better opportunity to do this than in the special transfer markets they offer, which all come down to knowledge and keeping right on top of the latest news. Again, as award-winning tipsters, that’s what we have to do.

So, in this intriguing area, where can we start getting ahead for the summer? Fulham, that’s where. And Ryan Sessegnon specifically.

Why him? Well, firstly it’s patently obvious that this outstanding young talent is being tracked, courted, whatever you want to call it, by England’s top clubs. It’s been the subject of numerous media reports and, frankly, given the 17-year-old left-back’s fantastic form, they would be crazy not to. He has scored six goals in his last seven games, which is remarkable for one so young.

What pricked up our antennae from a betting perspective was the recent comments of Fulham co-chairman Tony Khan.


Manchester United and Tottenham are being linked with the transfer of Ryan Sessegnon

“I’d like to announce that Ryan Sessegnon is staying with Fulham and will not be departing during the January transfer window,” said Khan. “Ryan is a very important part of the Fulham family and we are grateful that he will be with us as we fight to achieve promotion this season.”

Note the choice of wording. All the timing references are short-term – “during January”, “this season”. Nothing about next term or beyond. Which makes us think “has a deal already been done with a club for Sessegnon to move in the summer?” That could be why Fulham were so adamant about no departure in January.
If so, then which club? When media reports continually link a club with a player, it generally has some substance. In Sessegnon’s case it has been Manchester United and Tottenham, which makes sense given the speculation about the futures of Luke Shaw and Danny Rose.

Sessegnon to replace Shaw at United or Rose at Spurs (who could be off to United)? We think it will be one or the other, so keep your eyes on the media reports and when the bookies open the market for a Sessegnon summer move, get ready to pounce!

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