Arsenal unearth new Atom or Humber as Gunners midfielder shares charming pictures of ‘good boy’ Golden Retriever enjoying the snow

Alexis Sanchez left Arsenal under a bit of a cloud when he joined Manchester United in January but he was well loved during his three-and-a-half years at the club.

His dogs, Atom and Humber, were loved too, so much so that the Golden Retrievers even featured on a ‘Good boys’ banner inside the Emirates Stadium.

Alexis, Atom and Humber are gone. And the banner has since been taken down. But it seems as though Arsenal’s famous academy may have been working on a replacement!

Good Boys Arsenal banner
Arsenal fans used to fly a ‘Good Boys’ banner for Alexis Sanchez and his dogs Atom and Humber
New Atom or Humber enjoying the snow
There appears to be a new Atom or Humber at Arsenal, seen here enjoying the snow
Vlad Dragomir
The dog belongs to 18-year-old midfielder Vlad Dragomir, who posted a video on Instagram

Teenage midfielder Vlad Dragomir took to Instagram on Friday and shared a video of his Golden Retriever enjoying the snow.

You can clearly tell by the charming wag of its tail that this dog is good. And when it rolls over on its back… well, its a boy.

Time for a new banner perhaps?

It remains to be seen whether 18-year-old Romanian youth international Dragomir will develop into a player fit to replace Sanchez.

But in his canine companion, Arsenal may well have unearthed a key member of their next generation.

Dragomir has yet to make a senior appearance for the Gunners, but he has received heavy praise.

In 2016, The Guardian featured him in an article titled ‘Next Generation 2016: 60 of the best young talents in world football’. And Arsene Wenger is cited by DigiSport as having compared Dragomir to Jack Wilshere.

Arsenal midfielder Vlad Dragomir's Golden Retriever
Arsenal midfielder Dragomir’s Golden Retriever is very cute
Cute Arsenal dog
The new Gunners dog looks like a good boy… so time for a new banner?
Vlad Dragomir Alexis Sanchez
Dragomir pictured challenging Sanchez in training during their time together at Arsenal
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