It’s Raining and There’s No Soccer On – Now What?

Soccer is by far the most played and most watched sport in the world, with fans in South America, North America, Asia, Africa and Europe, mad about the game to the point of insanity. Soccer is also called football, particularly in the UK and Europe and, it may be a good idea to know what to call the game when travelling – lest you offend a fan that’s bigger than you. The most ironic thing, the word soccer was invented by the Brits.

Okay so the title of this little article may be a bit misleading since there are plenty of soccer games that are played in the rain. However, we wanted to be a bit dramatic with some poetic license and, we may not have been referring to the actual players of the game either. The reference to rain in the title might actually refer more to the idea that, every now and then, soccer (or football for you Brits) may become a bit of a bummer – hard as that might be to believe. Hence: ‘It’s raining and there’s no soccer on (worth watching) – now what?

Well, an interesting little trend has been developing down in New Zealand recently, who aren’t particularly known for their soccer, in the form of online casino gaming. While this may sound like a ridiculously far leap from sports fandom and the watching thereof, the idea may not be as alien as it first sounds.

In New Zealand, local bars or pubs will often house other forms of entertainment including live bar bands, dart boards and slot machines. However, Kiwis don’t call them slots, they call them ‘pokies’. The reason being that the very first slot games that came out probably a hundred years ago, used poker cards and poker combinations to create winning hands.

Why on earth would you be thinking about ‘pokies’ when your mind is on the soccer that may not be going too well, you ask? Traditionally in places like England and New Zealand, soccer is watched in the company of fellow fans down at the pub, the same place that houses a few pokies. Naturally fans gravitate to the game to play before the game begins, during the game or after the game.

As with most things nowadays, trends tend to migrate from the real world to the virtual and vice versa. Some smart online casinos and sportsbooks have taken notice of the rather cool trend and began to offer the same sort of features and services online. This is quite an attractive option for many soccer fans who may prefer to rather stay at home and enjoy the game on the big screen there.

Why is that? Because sometimes home is more relaxing, the beers may be cheaper and it easier just to stay in your pyjamas sometimes, that’s why. At any rate, upping the ante a bit by logging onto a top online sportsbook or online casino (some are combinations of the two) means that you can inject even more excitement into what could be a dull, run of the mill match.

If this sounds like something you might want to try out for yourself, here’s a couple of things to keep in mind. Firstly, you need to do a bit of homework to find the best online sportsbook and casino combos that can offer you everything in one single site. Check to see if the site offers live streaming of top events, that way you can even watch the game while you’re placing bets or even spinning a couple of slots (sorry – pokies). You might be surprised at just how fun it can be and, you will then also know why it is becoming the trendiest and coolest way to enjoy the beautiful game.