What is the World Cup 2018 TV schedule and dates? As BBC and ITV announce games

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The World Cup 2018 TV schedule has been announced with both the BBC and ITV broadcasting games.

The World Cup 2018 is less than three months away and ITV will broadcast the curtain raiser as the hosts Russia will go against Saudi Arabia.

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From an England perspective, their first two matches against Tunisia and Panama will be on BBC, and the clash against against Belgium will be on ITV.

ITV will get to pick the first two of the last-16 fixtures, and the first pick of the semi-finals with BBC getting the first two picks of the quarter-finals.

The final, on July 15 will be televised by both the BBC and ITV.

Niall Sloane, ITV’s director of sport, said: “The build-up to the World Cup has now begun and we’re looking forward to bringing viewers entertaining and comprehensive coverage on ITV, ITV4 and the ITV Hub, as well as on social media.”

Additionally, head of BBC TV sport, Philip Bernie, said: “We’re delighted with our selection of matches, which sees the BBC bring England’s first two games of the competition live to our audiences, as well as their potential quarter-final. We are also very pleased to be showcasing the skills of the world’s best players, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, in five of their group matches.”

World Cup 2018 TV schedule

1 Thu 14-Jun 1600 Russia v Saudi Arabia ITV

2 Fri 15-Jun 1300 Egypt v Uruguay BBC

3 Fri 15-Jun 1900 Portugal v Spain BBC

4 Fri 15-Jun 1600 Morocco v IR Iran ITV

5 Sat 16-Jun 1100 France v Australia BBC

6 Sat 16-Jun 1700 Peru v Denmark BBC

7 Sat 16-Jun 1400 Argentina v Iceland ITV

8 Sat 16-Jun 2000 Croatia v Nigeria ITV

9 Sun 17-Jun 1900 Brazil v Switzerland ITV

10 Sun 17-Jun 1300 Costa Rica v Serbia ITV

11 Sun 17-Jun 1600 Germany v Mexico BBC

12 Mon 18-Jun 1300 Sweden v Korea Rep ITV

13 Mon 18-Jun 1600 Belgium v Panama BBC

14 Mon 18-Jun 1900 Tunisia v England BBC

15 Tue 19-Jun 1600 Poland v Senegal ITV

16 Tue 19-Jun 1300 Colombia v Japan BBC

17 Tue 19-Jun 1900 Russia v Egypt BBC

18 Wed 20-Jun 1600 Uruguay v Saudi Arabia BBC

19 Wed 20-Jun 1300 Portugal v Morocco BBC

20 Wed 20-Jun 1900 IR Iran v Spain ITV

21 Thu 21-Jun 1600 France v Peru ITV

22 Thu 21-Jun 1300 Denmark v Australia ITV

23 Thu 21-Jun 1900 Argentina v Croatia BBC

24 Fri 22-Jun 1600 Nigeria v Iceland BBC

25 Fri 22-Jun 1300 Brazil v Costa Rica ITV

26 Fri 22-Jun 1900 Serbia v Switzerland BBC

27 Sat 23-Jun 1900 Germany v Sweden ITV

28 Sat 23-Jun 1600 Korea Rep v Mexico ITV

29 Sat 23-Jun 1300 Belgium v Tunisia BBC

30 Sun 24-Jun 1300 England v Panama BBC

31 Sun 24-Jun 1900 Poland v Colombia ITV

32 Sun 24-Jun 1600 Japan v Senegal BBC

33 Mon 25-Jun 1500 Uruguay v Russia ITV

34 Mon 25-Jun 1500 Saudi Arabia v Egypt ITV4

35 Mon 25-Jun 1900 IR Iran v Portugal BBC

36 Mon 25-Jun 1900 Spain v Morocco BBC

37 Tue 26-Jun 1500 Denmark v France ITV

38 Tue 26-Jun 1500 Australia v Peru ITV4

39 Tue 26-Jun 1900 Nigeria v Argentina BBC

40 Tue 26-Jun 1900 Iceland v Croatia BBC

41 Wed 27-Jun 1900 Serbia v Brazil ITV

42 Wed 27-Jun 1900 Switzerland v Costa Rica ITV 4

43 Wed 27-Jun 1500 Korea Rep v Germany BBC

44 Wed 27-Jun 1500 Mexico v Sweden BBC

45 Thu 28-Jun 1900 England v Belgium ITV

46 Thu 28-Jun 1900 Panama v Tunisia ITV 4

47 Thu 28-Jun 1500 Japan v Poland BBC

48 Thu 28-Jun 1500 Senegal v Colombia BBC

Last 16

Match Day| Date| Kick-off| Team/Group| Channel
49 Sat 30-Jun 1900 1A v 2B Pick 1: ITV
50 Sat 30-Jun 1500 1C v 2D Pick 2: ITV
51 Sun 1-Jul 1500 1B v 2A Pick 3: BBC
52 Sun 1-Jul 1900 1D v 2C Pick 4: ITV
53 Mon 2-Jul 1500 1E v 2F Pick 5: BBC
54 Mon 2-Jul 1900 1G v 2H Pick 6: BBC
55 Tue 3-Jul 1500 1F v 2E Pick 7: ITV
56 Tue 3-Jul 1900 1H v 2G Pick 8: BBC

56 Tue 3-Jul 1900 1H v 2G Pick 8: BBC


57 Fri 6-Jul 1500 W49 v W50 Pick 1: BBC
58 Fri 6-Jul 1900 W53 v W54 Pick 2: BBC
59 Sat 7-Jul 1900 W51 v W52 Pick 3: ITV
60 Sat 7-Jul 1500 W55 v W56 Pick 4: ITV


61 Tue 10-Jul 1900 W57 v W58 Pick 1: ITV
62 Wed 11-Jul 1900 W59 v W60 Pick 2: BBC

Third place play-off

63 Sat 14-Jul 1500 L61 v L62 ITV


64 Sun 15-Jul 1600 W61 v W62 ITV & BBC