Arsene Wenger confirms what he’ll do next immediately after stepping down at Arsenal

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Arsene Wenger has already confirmed that he will leave Arsenal at the end of the season, but question marks have remained over his next move.

The veteran tactician has spent the last 22 years in north London, and so it will certainly be a strange feeling for all concerned not to see him at the helm next year.

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As noted by BBC Sport, he will step down in a matter of months, with the Gunners likely to already be considering life without him as there will undoubtedly be a tricky transitional period for the club to cope with a significant change.

Having accumulated such a wealth of experience with countless trophies along the way, Wenger remains one of the top managers in the game, albeit at 68 he may start to consider winding down in the latter stages of his career.

Sensibly, he has revealed that he will take a break in the immediate aftermath of leaving Arsenal to assess his options, and so he has seemingly left the door firmly open to returning to management in the future.

“I am confused a little bit at the moment and I have decided to take a little distance for four or five weeks before I make a decision,” he is quoted as saying by Sky Sports.

“I need to move away a little bit to take perspective on my situation and analyse it in the most objective way possible, even if it is not easy. I will then decide where I go from there.”

Given his affection for Arsenal having worked there so for long, it would be a shock to see him return with another Premier League club.

In turn, whether it’s a move that takes him elsewhere in Europe or a move up to international level, time will tell where Wenger goes next. For now what is certain is that he’ll give himself the time and opportunity to reflect and make the best decision for himself.

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